Beacons Bus Walks

Try some of the Beacons Bus One Way Walks!

This FREE booklet gives details of 10 different walks that can be achieved using Beacons Bus to take you back to your starting point.

Written by Tom Hutton of Trail and Country Walking magazines, these walks include the flagship Central Beacons walk, taking you across all the highest peaks in the National Park and picking you up at the other end.

Beacons Bus Walks Guide

Other walks are centred on Hay-on-Wye, using the Offa's Dyke Flyer to get you out of the town and half way up the mountain, allowing you to enjoy the wide op[en spaces or hay Bluff and the Cat's Back before picking you up outside and of 3 pubs on the Herefordshire side.

Copies of the booklet are available from Information Centres within the National Park or by sending name and postal address to Click to email

For more information about Beacons Bus go to website link or for more information on what to do and see within the National Park go to website link

Brecon Beacons National Park - One of Britain's Breathing Spaces

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